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Tayfur, despite losing his house and having to 
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Post Tayfur, despite losing his house and having to
If you drive even somewhat regularly Marcus Mariota Jersey , it is likely that you are as sick of high gas prices as the rest of us are. However, there is very little that any of us can do to directly affect the price of gas, so we are forced to turn our attention to doing whatever we can to limit the amount of gas that we use. You may or may not be aware that there are very easy methods for increasing the gas mileage you get in your car, van, truck or sport utility vehicle. In fact, many of the ways that you can help your vehicle?s gas mileage are through simple maintenance that you should be performing on your vehicle anyway!

It is unfortunate that many who are attempting to escape high gas prices have turned to costly products that claim they can help your vehicle get more gas mileage. Of course Wholesale Tennessee Titans Jerseys , it makes little sense to spend money in order to save money, particularly when these products are largely unproven to begin with. That is why when you are trying to dramatically increase your vehicle?s gas mileage, it is better to stick to the more reliable, more basic methods instead. These methods definitely include performing the regular maintenance that your car requires already.

Most drivers are fairly diligent about getting oil changes regularly for their vehicle. After all, regular oil changes are among the most fundamental (and cheap) ways to maintain your vehicle?s performance and condition. Many people do not know, however Wholesale Titans Jerseys , that regular oil changes also help to limit fuel consumption! That means that you will save money in the end, even if you have to spend money to perform an oil change or have one done for you. Also, while you?re at it, make sure that your car is running on the appropriate grade of oil. This can reduce your fuel consumption by one or two percent.

One of the better ways to easily increase your car?s gas mileage is also one of the easiest. The next time you pull up to a gas station or car wash that has an air pump, check the air pressure in your tires and add air, if necessary. At many gas stations or car washes Cheap Tennessee Titans Jerseys , this will not cost you anything. Even if the only machine you can find is a pay machine, it will still likely only cost you as much as fifty cents. The price (or lack thereof) and simplicity of this method makes it a great way to help keep yourself away from the gas pump.

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These types of relatively simple vehicle maintenance prove once and for all that it is not necessary to buy costly products to increase your gas mileage. Simply do the maintenance that you should already be doing for your car Harold Landry Titans Jersey , and you will reap the benefits!

DAMASCUS, March 24 (Xinhua) -- In Syria, a country that has suffered greatly from the past four years of ferocious civil war and constant strife, children, who should have been comforted with hope, have been edging ever closer to helplessness.

It is true that some of the kids can still grow up in supportive families Rashaan Evans Titans Jersey , yet many others have been trained as fighters as the crisis-ridden country entered the fifth year of seemingly endless violence and chaos.

Jawdat Tayfur, a sixth grade student, said he would never think of handling a weapon, even though he came from a conflict zone under rebel control in eastern Damascus.

To run for life, the 11-year-old said his father moved the family out of Jobar neighborhood as the situation there was getting worse.

"We have seen so much destruction and blood in Jobar and decided to leave. As we were leaving, I found a dead body tossed on the street and I turned to my father and asked him why people died like that? Wrapping his arm around my shoulder Jack Conklin Titans Jersey , he told me it wasn't our business and pulled me away," Tayfur recounted.

The boy said his father tried his best to take their minds off of the war, and promised him about a nice future if they excelled in school.

Tayfur, despite losing his house and having to work in a restaurant to help raise his family, is lucky to have such caring parents. Many others were not.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Tuesday that over 400 children under 18 years of age have been recruited by the Islamic State (IS) militant group since the beginning of this year.

The UK-based watchdog group said most of the recruitment was from eastern parts of the country, namely in Deir al-Zour province Taywan Taylor Titans Jersey , where IS militants enjoy considerable sway.

IS has been working hard to recruit children who live close to its branch offices.

The militant group never care whether those children seeking to have or have not the consent of their parents. Sometimes, it even forced parents to send their children to its training camps.

In the camps, children have to learn in ideological courses the group's credo and how to fight in battles, according to the Observatory.

To keep these children around, the IS lured them with financial rewards.

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